Grooming: It's not just you who needs a self-tan There's no doubting that tans somehow make everyone look better (dark colours recede so they make you look slimmer if nothing else), which is why so many brides book in for a spray tan ahead of their big day. But many forget one important factor when they do – the groom!

Looking like a beautifully bronzed goddess of love next to a pale and pasty new husband in the wedding photos is bound to make the grandkids wonder how the odd couple ever made it down the aisle.

So make sure he gets self-tanned, too – or at least tries a gradual tanner every day in the week running up to the wedding – so you both look equally radiant.

If you manage to persuade him to have a professional treatment, do a trial a few weeks before so he doesn't look overdone on the big day, and also because the exfoliating action of his shaving routine might leave his face looking patchy. You need to know exactly when he should have the final treatment before the wedding to ensure he looks his natural best.

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