Grooming: The basics of skincare

Grooming: The basics of skincare


Until puberty, male and female skin is pretty much the same. The kicking in of sex hormones, however, sees it change fundamentally, not least in the growth of hair. And the way men shave contributes significantly to how their skin looks and feels.


The scraping and pulling of shaving, particularly with a razor, harsh washing and not replacing moisture or protecting skin can make it feel dry and flaky. So avoid ordinary soap – it's usually alkaline whereas skin is slightly acidic - and therefore disrupts the skin's protective layer.


Opt for a soap-free, wash-off cleanser or cleansing bar that is pH-balanced instead. If skin's oily, choose an anti-bacterial cleanser, and a foaming gel wash for combination skin. Moisturise afterwards to help replace the lubrication that's been removed from the skin's surface and give protection against the environment, which can cause sensitivity. 

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